Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Perspective Reading

During read to self today, our class chose to respond as a reader, or as a writer.  They responded by posting to their accounts.  If they were responding as a reader, theyposted a summary from a particular part of a book they are currently reading.  We discussed the relevance of this is to read for understanding, and to possibly connect and reach a larger audience.

If students were responding to reading like a writer, they were focusing on locating and citing subordinate conjunctions they found in their text.  They were to reference passage, title, author, and page in their post.  They would much rather call these AAAWWUBBIS sentences, than subordinate conjunctions.  Who doesn't love to say AAAWWUBBIS?  (Thank you Jeff Anderson...AKA the Write Guy for this)  Here is a short video of one of our students engaged in the process.

Later on, in school or at home, students' posts will be open for comment.  Here is a link to our Kidsblog page.

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  1. What a great project! I love following what you are doing with your students:)