Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just when you think...

Today our students had the opportunity to take part in the NAEP test.  Of course they were nervous, thinking they were part of this GINORMOUS national report card, and didn't want to fail anyone. :) When it was all over, they received certificates of appreciation.  What I didn't see coming was how they reacted to receiving these certificates.  I caught just enough  video footage for you to see their response to each other as they received their pieces of paper from our proctor.

Kids are amazing!  Just when you think they are ready to dismantle you, the same way a lion does a fresh kill, they totally surprise you and respond the way they did to something so simple.  They are a fantastic bunch of kids.  Definately a group to watch, as they will be making a difference in life.

After the testing was all over, we had a great conversation about persuasion.  How would NAEP use some of the questions and results to report to the world what they found. What a stimulating conversation that was very relevant to our current and future learning.

We left off our conversation before recess talking about feedback.  We have been doing a lot of learning about types of feedback and it's importance.  My kids are disappointed that they aren't able to gain access to their results on the NAEP test.  We had a discussion about how they have a voice, and now with Google Apps, they have a vehicle for their voice to travel.  They came up with the idea of e-mailing NAEP to find out if they can get feedback on their performance.  We shall see what comes of this!

What an amazing morning!  Who would have thought this was all possible from taking a NAEP test?

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